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Graphite Heat Exchangers

Graphite Immersion Plate Heater

Graphite Immersion Plate Heat Exchangers are an excellent choice of equipment for direct heating of tanks, where external heat exchangers are not an option.

Tube and Shell Heat Exchanger

These units are built to last, because of our Impreg-Tite phenolic resin impregnation process. This eliminates problems experienced in the past by most graphite shell and tube units. 

Cubic Block Graphite Heat Exchanger

Graphite Cubic Block heat exchangers are the most efficient units available. They have a small foot print with a high amount of heat transfer surface area. We can provide units in excess of 400 square feet of surface area.

Cylindrical Block Graphite Heat Exchanger

Can be designed from one piece blocks as long as 72″. This eliminates the need for many interblock gaskets, which can be a cause of maintenance and downtime.