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Impervious Graphite Corrosion Resistance Guide

Impervious Graphite Corrosion Resistance Guide Graphite has several important characteristics that support cost effective process heat exchanger construction including incredible corrosion resistance. Click on the image below to view the complete corrosion resistance guide.


New Impregtite Graphite Heat Exchangers Brochure

Impregtite Graphite Heat Exchangers Standard shell and tube exchangers resistant to chemical attack from acids, alkalies, solvents and salts.IMPREG-TITE … as a material of construction combines graphite, one of the most chemically inert materials, unequaled in heat transfer characteristics, with a series of resins to give the engineer a new dimension in heat transfer design …


Immersion Plate Heaters

Graphite Immersion Plate Heaters, more accurately called graphite immersion plate heat exchangers, are ideal for control pickling tank temperatures. Among the benefits in pickling tank application are corrosion resistance, durability, efficiency, and repairability. Corrosion Resistance – Graphite Immersion Plate Heaters are typically sold with Impregtite® graphite to reduce porosity and improve chemical compatibility. The Impregtite® process includes …