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PTFE Bushing Protect Graphite Immersion Plate Heaters

PTFE Bushing Protect Graphite Immersion Plate Heaters Shown here in white PTFE, a bushing is installed in a graphite immersion heat exchanger. The bushing provides a number of features that enhance the lifetime of the plate heater. While bushing could be manufactured from a range of materials, PTFE provides an excellent blend of mechanical characteristics …


Immersion Heat Exchanger Patent

Immersion Heat Exchanger Patent Read more: The founder and principal inventor at Active Chemical Systems, Inc. is Bruno H. Thut. This patent is an example of Bruno’s never ending effort to refine and improve immersion plate heater technology. Besides patents like this one, Bruno has developed an impressive range of proprietary processes and custom equipment …


Immersion Plate Heaters

Graphite Immersion Plate Heaters, more accurately called graphite immersion plate heat exchangers, are ideal for control pickling tank temperatures. Among the benefits in pickling tank application are corrosion resistance, durability, efficiency, and repairability. Corrosion Resistance – Graphite Immersion Plate Heaters are typically sold with Impregtite® graphite to reduce porosity and improve chemical compatibility. The Impregtite® process includes …